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ABDC Season 6 Crews – Preview and Videos

ABDC – America’s Best Dance Crew is coming back with a new edition that will start on April 7, Thursday. Street dance crews from across the US will once again compete in the sixth edition.

This edition is already called the “Season of the Superstars.” As the name suggests, this season will feature the participation of celebrities. Still, according to many reviews, the main strength of the show will be the multitude of amazing dance crews that will be competing against each other.

ABDC will present 10 dance crews, each having its specific moves and strengths. Here is what you need to know about the new ABDC competitors.

One of the participants is 787 Crew. They are quite special with the acrobatic performances that are fused into the dance. 787 Crew has a specific Latin feel to it and the clique is expected to spice ABDC up.

Next up meet the Eclectic Gentlemen. They got noticed straight away because of the elegant attire that is an essential part of any dance act. Eclectic Gentlemen come from North Hollywood and are already well-accepted and popular in the dance world.

FootworKingz are already known by TV viewers, as the crew took part in America’s Got Talent. Their strength is synchronization and unbelievably quick moves. FootworKingz is a combination of two dance crews from the West and South parts of Chicago.

The next crew is multinational, which is probably one of its biggest strengths. IaMmE has members from China and the Czech Republic and is already known for several celebrity acts.

Iconic Boyz are cute and talented. Their most distinctive feature is the fact that crew members are very young. One of the crew members is 10-year old. The boys come from New Jersey, mixing hip-hop and street jazz.

Los Angeles is represented by Instant Noodles – a b-boys crew. The crew members have their origins in Taiwan, which makes the performances even more unique.

Believe it or not, ABDC has its crew of pole dancers, as well! The all-girl JAG6ED crew has a very specific mission. Pole dancing is something entirely connected to strip clubs. These girls are trying to change the image of pole dancers by presenting their very specific art.

Phunk Phenomenon comes from Boston. The dancers are also involved in social initiatives. Hip Hop for Hope is a cause that aims to increase the awareness in people about Sanfilippo disease.

A group of ladies coming from New Zealand is going to show some great hip-hop moves. ReQuest is the World Hip Hop Dance Champion from 2010-11 and beat out last year’s ABDC winners Poreotix. Now they will get a shot at the ABDC title as well:

Street Kingdom is a krumping crew from Los Angeles. The crew members have had a rough life and are doing their best to get a new start through dance.

So these are the 10 crews selected for season 6 of America’s Best Dance Crew. Who do you think will win?

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