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Salsa Dancing Cockateil with Fast Feet

A salsa dancing cockateil bird with fast feet: […]

Cockatoo / Bird Salsa Dancing

Snowball the cockatoo dancing salsa: […]

Cocaktoo Dancing to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance

This cockatoo gets down to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga: […]

White Cockatoo Bird Dancing Gangnam Style

I’ve been watching a bunch of bird dancing videos and this one is pretty good. This bird does an amazing job dancing to Gangnam Style: […]

Dubstep Dancing Birds Compilation

Here’s a compilation of dubstep dancing birds: […]

Dog in Tux Doing the Cupid Shuffle

Not only is this dog wearing a tux, but he can dance: […]

Dog Twerking to Bubble Butt

A cell phone video of a dog twerking to Bubble Butt: […]

Moonwalking and Breakdancing Chimpanzee

Check out this moonwalking and break dancing monkey. This chimp’s got moves! […]

Break Dancing Gorilla

Check out this break dancing gorilla: […]

Dog dancing to Shake That by Eminem

Dog dancing to Shake That by Eminem: […]