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Daniel DeArco – Breaking, jazz and tricking choreography

Dope choreography and dance by Daniel DeArco. Breaking, jazz, tricking and cool hat trick in the middle. Song: Clap your Hands Artist: Parov Stelar […]

Moonwalking and Breakdancing Chimpanzee

Check out this moonwalking and break dancing monkey. This chimp’s got moves! […]

Grandma Tracy Break Dancing and Popping

Grandama Tracy break dancing and popping: […]

Finger Break Dancing

This video has over 9 million views – finger break dancing: […]

Break Dancing Gorilla

Check out this break dancing gorilla: […]

6 Yr Old Girl Dominates in Dance Battle

B-Girl Terra is only 6 years old and displays an impressive performance in this dance battle at Chelles Battle Pro against an older kid. The other kid is pretty good too: […]

Kinjaz by Mike Song

Here is a creative piece by Mike Song called Kinjas. Cool dance moves with nice filmography: Also, check out part 2: […]

77 Year Old Man Doing B-Boy Moves

Here’s a 77 year old man doing a turtle freeze. I guess age is no excuse to stop dancing: […]

Break Dance B-Boy Compilation

Here is a really good breakdance / b-boy compilation. Some unique styles and group battle moves in this video: […]

Break Dance Battle Between Mickey Mouse and some kid

Here is a break dance battle between Mickey Mouse and some kid. Mickey Mouse got some moves: […]