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Die Antwoord – Baby’s on Fire by Jojo Gomez

Amazing Hip-Hop choreography by Jojo Gomez […]

Dancing to Uptown Funk While Working Out on a Treadmill

Who says exercise can’t be fun? Carson Dean dances to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars while working out on a treadmill: […]

Bang Bang Choreography – Hok and Aye

Creative Video – tells a story: Song – Bang Bang by Will I Am Dancers: Hok Konishi and Aye […]

After Party – SYTYCD

Here’s a great hip hop piece on So You Think You Can Dance. Like how they use the props: […]

Darth Vader and Storm Troopers Dance to Beat It

I think the title says it all: […]

World’s Fastest Choreography

Haha – this is awesome. Danced by Emilio and Brandon from IAmMe Crew. Song: Welcome to My Hood […]

Zombie Style Dance

Very creative concept – zombie style dance piece by Artur Frontczak: […]

Phillip Chbeeb – Box Dance – Bumbox

Phillip “Pacman” Chbeeb from IAmMe Crew dancing with a box. Dance part starts at around 2:00 – very creative piece, check it out: […]

Phillip Chbeeb – Redress

An amazing choreography by Phillip Pacman Chbeeb called Redress. Featuring Jaja Vankova: […]

Tony Czar – Cockiness

Tony Czar performs to a remix of Rihanna’s Cockiness. I like his unique style in this video: […]