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Young & Beautiful – Rain Dance

A dance tribute to Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey – Very nice contemporary dance performance and filmography: […]

Kids do Acrobatic Ballet – Judges are Stunned

Here’s an amazing video of two kids performing acrobatic ballet: […]

Amazing Sensual Ballet

Check out this amazing sensual ballet performance. This requires an immense amount of strength and flexibility. The move at 1:33 is pretty amazing: […]

Chaz Buzan Contemporary Performance

Chaz Buzan performs and demonstrates ballet, contemporary, and modern technique with extreme prowess. A truly amazing performance at the Wild West Palm Beach Faculty Show: […]

Outcast featuring Jaja Vankova

Jaja Vankova and some other dancers perform a group piece to the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack. A great exhibit of various dance styles and choreography: […]

China Strictly Come Dancing – Titanic Performance

Here’s an entertaining piece choreographed by Tessandra Chavez for China’s Strictly Come Dancing to the Titanic: […]

Vita Radionova Contortionist Dance

Vita Radionova performs a stunning contortionist dance at Au Plus Grande Cabaret du Monde 2008. She displays an amazing amount of flexibility, strength, and balance. The dance part starts at 0:50: […]

Strictly Come Dancing Slowdance Champions

Here’s an acrobatic performance by Craig Smith and Natalie Woolf at the Strictly Come Dancing 2009 Semi Finals. The movements are fluid and require great strength, precision, and flexibility: […]

Someone Like You Contemporary Choreography

Here’s an awesome contemporary choreography and film piece by Melanie Mah to Someone Like You by Adele. I was looking through a bunch of choreographies for this song and this one blew them away. The dance part starts at about 1:00, but watch the whole thing: […]

Chinese Acrobatic Ballet

Acrobatic ballet dancers are some of the most amazing dancers in the world. It takes a lifetime of dedication and hard practice to get this good. The strength, balance, flexibility and technique displayed are phenomenal. Some of my favorite parts: 2:10 – Graceful Flip and catch in the air 2:24 – Bend 3:52-4:15 – Her […] […]