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10 Year Old Merrick Hanna in Popping Battle

10 Year Old Merrick Hanna vs Alan Lai in a popping battle: […]

LXD – Alliance of the Dark

LXD takes the best dancers and professional filmography to tell a story. This episode stars Madd Chadd and IAmMe Crew: […]

Tony Transformer – State of the Art Popping

Check out this clip of Tony Transformer popping. Very nice body control here: […]

Jaja Vankova Popping Battle Clip

Here’s an awesome clip of Jaja Vankova from IamMe crew popping. Hip Hop Dance Experience battle: […]

Dubstep Popping Scientists

A couple of Phd Students attempt to combine learning and popping. Starring Jeffrey Vinokur and Zach Donnell: […]

AXI Street Sweeper – Stephen Duy Pham

This guy has some fast movements – interesting to watch. Dancer: Stephen Duy Pham Song: Ants by Edit Filmed by: Shawn Welling Dance […]

Robot Boys on Denmark’s Got Talent

Robot Boys were the winners of 2009’s Denmark’s Got Talent. Here’s an awesome clip of them on the show: […]

Alonzo “Turf” Jones – Flexn and Gliding on America’s Got Talent

Alonzo “Turf” Jones auditioned on America’s Got Talent. He has the smoothest glides and some great Flexn moves. Dance part starts at 2:00: […]

Flat Top – Popping and Singing

Here’s an online audition clip of Flat Top popping and singing at the same time. Being able to sing smoothly in some of the positions that he is in is pretty impressive. Check out this unique dance clip: […]

Flexn, Tutting, and Popping in San Francisco

Here is a cool display of dance talent around San Francisco. There’s some pretty insane flex (bonebreaking) at 1:05: […]