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Salsa Dancing Cockateil with Fast Feet

A salsa dancing cockateil bird with fast feet: […]

Cockatoo / Bird Salsa Dancing

Snowball the cockatoo dancing salsa: […]

Stunning Performance by Kids (Kevin & Beberly Eilat) at 2014 Salsa Congress

These kids are amazing! Kevin and Beberly Eilat perform at a salsa congress in 2014: […]

80 Year Old Grandma – Spectacular Salsa Performance – Paddy & Nico

This 80 Year Old Grandma delivers a stunning salsa performance on Britain’s Got Talent. Watch Paddy and Nico perform before the judges: […]

Salsa Dancing Baby

Here’s a 15 month old salsa dancing baby: […]

World Bachata Championships 2010 – 1st Place

Bachata is a sensual latin dance originating from the Domincan Republic. Here is a world championship performance by Alien Ramirez, the 1st place performer in Bachata at the World Latin Cup in 2010: […]

Another Salsa Dancing Dog

Here is another salsa (actually merengue) dancing dog named Stuart: […]

Yasemin and Dennis Salsa

This salsa performance appears to be from So You Think You Can Dance in another country. Performers are Yasemin and Dennis: […]

Professional Columbian Salsa Performance

Columbian salsa is characterized by super fast footwork and John Vasquez and Judy Aguilar are champions in this style. Check out this awesome performance: […]

One-legged Salsa Dancer

This one-legged salsa dancer, Reynaldo Ojeda, has some great moves. […]