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Unleash Your Fingers Commercial

Jay Funk and his little brother team up to produce this unique finger tutting video with special effects. Great synchronization between the two: […]

Easter Tutting

Here’s a tutting video by Mr Lala involving some camera effects. Song: Skrillex - Reptile. […]

Unique Tutting Video

This is one of my favorite tutting videos and probably the one that I’ve watched the most. The transitions and connections are smooth and he is very fast. This video came out before finger tutting was widespread on YouTube – check it out: […]

The Zee Virus – Tutting and Popping by Robozee

I love the creativity of the setting in this video and also the quality of movement that goes along well with the song and scene. Song: Boards of Canada – Amo Bishop Roden […]

Poppin Sean Tutting

Here’s an old school tutting routine from Poppin Sean in Norway. This guy has been tutting for over a decade, even before tutting was mainstream: Song: PFunk – loopzilla by George Clinton […]

Pandora Tutting Practice

Among female dancers, Pandora is one of the best poppers and tutters around. This is one of my favorite tutting clips. The precision and cleanliness of the movement is pretty impressive: […]

Don Finger tutting in the studio

This guy is really good at finger tutting – amazing coordination: […]

Finger Tutting – Jay Funk

Here is a clip of Jay Funk tutting to the song Ants by Edit. One of the most popular tutting videos on YouTube with over 900,000 views: […]

Female Tutters – Girls Tutting

Tutting is a funk style dance that many people are not familiar with. With the rising popularity of internet video and people sharing tutorials, tutting has evolved a lot over the past few years. Here are some older clips of some female tutters. I will post some better clips later: This clip use to be […] […]