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IAmMe Crew ABDC Highlights

IAmMe Crew dominated ABDC Season 6 from the beginning. Here are some highlights from this season.

Not only did they display astounding creativity, but they also have a lot of heart. Congratulations to IAmMe Crew for winning ABDC Season 6.

Weeks 1-5 Video:
1:45 – Lil Wayne Choreography
3:50 – Black Eyed Peas Machine Choreography
5:45 – Katie Perry Peacock Choreography
7:55 – Rhianna S&M Choreography

Week 6 Video:
Justin Bieber Challenge. Dance starts at 3:05:

Week 7 Video:
Nicky Minaj Challenge. Dance starts at 3:00:

Week 8 Video:
Kanye West Challenge. Dance starts at 1:30:

Illemental – Choreographed and performed by IamMe Crew. Performance starts at 1:30:

Rocketeer – IamMe Finale Performance starts at 1:25:

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