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Die Antwoord – Baby’s on Fire by Jojo Gomez

Amazing Hip-Hop choreography by Jojo Gomez

10 Year Old Merrick Hanna in Popping Battle

10 Year Old Merrick Hanna vs Alan Lai in a popping battle:

Daniel DeArco – Breaking, jazz and tricking choreography

Dope choreography and dance by Daniel DeArco. Breaking, jazz, tricking and cool hat trick in the middle.

Song: Clap your Hands
Artist: Parov Stelar

Salsa Dancing Cockateil with Fast Feet

A salsa dancing cockateil bird with fast feet:

Cockatoo / Bird Salsa Dancing

Snowball the cockatoo dancing salsa:

Electro Swing Dancing in the Rain

I’ve been getting into videos of people dancing to Electro swing lately (also known as tecktonik swing). The people who really excel at this style combine several different dance styles including shuffling, tecktonik, swing and sometimes popping.

This guy gets extra props for dancing in the rain during his lunch break. I hope he brought a change of clothes?

Song is Ragtime Cat by Parov Stelar ft Lilja Bloom

Dancing to Uptown Funk While Working Out on a Treadmill

Who says exercise can’t be fun? Carson Dean dances to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars while working out on a treadmill:

Cocaktoo Dancing to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance

This cockatoo gets down to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga:

White Cockatoo Bird Dancing Gangnam Style

I’ve been watching a bunch of bird dancing videos and this one is pretty good. This bird does an amazing job dancing to Gangnam Style:

Dubstep Dancing Birds Compilation

Here’s a compilation of dubstep dancing birds: