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Dubstep Popping Scientists

A couple of Phd Students attempt to combine learning and popping. Starring Jeffrey Vinokur and Zach Donnell: […]

Short Dubstep Piece – Monsta NY and Mamarootz

Here’s a short dubstep piece by Monsta NY and Mamarootz. Good film effects: […]

Swody – Dubstep & Popping Dance

Swody from Offishal Crew performs a dubstep / popping dance. His chest pops are pretty precise: […]

Dubstep Dance – Pumped Up Kicks

Here’s a real talented popper dancing to Pumped Up Kicks (Dubstep remix). This video has 43 million views already: […]

Anthony Lee Dubstep Choreography

I love the creativity in this dubstep choreography by Anthony Lee. Check out the kids at the end too. Artist: Rusko Song: Woo Bust […]

Group Dubstep Dance

Here’s a very cool group dubstep piece with Mr. LaLa and his friends. First group dubstep dance I’ve seen: […]

Jean Claude Van Damme Dubstep

This video just proves that dubstep music goes with any dance. Here is Jean Claude Van Damme dancing to dubstep music. He’d better stop soon before someone gets pregnant!: […]

Mr La La Dubstep

Asides from Jay Garderis, this guy is also a really good Dubstep dancer: […]

Jay Garderis – Humans Dubstep

Gas masks have two known purposes – (1) Protection from harmful vapors and (2) dubstep dancing. Check out this dubstep piece by Jay Garderis: […]

Poreotix Dubstep Choreography

Fans of ABDC are no stranger to Poreotix – winner of season 5. Check out this dubstep piece by Dumbo. Cool choreography and nice costumes and setting: Song: Deviance Artist: Excision & Datsik […]