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Predators Dancing

Here’s a clip of some Predators dancing. […]

Tiffany Bong Highlight Reel

Very cool highlight reel from Tiffany Bong – mostly locking and vogue: […]

P-Lock Locking Demo

P-Lock is definitely one of the dopest lockers out there. Check out this super funky locking routine. […]

Urban Dance Camp 2011 – Yoshie and Tatsuo Locking

Urban Dance Camp is one of the most intensive dance training workshops and is held annually. Dance legends from around the world come to teach their styles. Here is Yoshie and Tatsuo from Japan doing a funk and locking routine: […]

Hilty and Bosch – Masters of Locking

Hilty and Bosch from Japan are two of the best lockers in the world. Not only is their locking good, but also their synchronization. Check out this locking performance by Hilty and Bosch: […]